Hiroyuki Today: Hiroyuki’s Personal Opinion on the Increased Probability of the Nankai Trough Earthquake

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 46, aka “Hiroyuki,” a businessman and founder of the online bulletin board “2channel,” updated his Twitter page on March 24.

He cited an article on TV Asahi News titled “Probability of Nankai Trough Earthquake Raised to ‘Around 60%’ Within 20 Years, Latest Estimate by Seismic Research Commission” and expressed his personal opinion.

The article reported that on March 13, the government’s Earthquake Research Commission released its latest estimates of the probability of a major earthquake in various parts of Japan, raising the probability of a Nankai Trough earthquake within the next 20 years from “50 to 60%” to “around 60%”.

The Earthquake Research Commission estimates the long-term probability of earthquakes on active faults and trench earthquakes in various parts of Japan and publishes the results once a year.

The probability of a magnitude 8 or greater earthquake epicentered off the coast of Tokachi, Hokkaido, along the Kuril Trench has also been raised from “3%” to “4%” within 20 years.

Quoting from this article, Hiroyuki said, “The Nankai Trough earthquake, which will have a magnitude of 8-9 on the Richter scale, the same level as the Great East Japan Earthquake, is said to have a 60% chance of occurring within 20 years. This is not the time to buy a high-rise apartment. I don’t want to live on the Pacific side and risk my family being affected. People with a future will think, “What’s the point of buying a high-rise apartment? Is life a half-and-half gamble? He posted his own theory.

I live near the Pacific Ocean, so it’s not good.

Hiroyuki Today

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