GReeeeN releases music video for new song “Juvenile”


 GReeeeN has released a new song “Juvenile” for distribution and also released its music video.

 Written as the ending theme song for Fuji TV’s “+Ultra” TV anime “Kaina of the Great Snow Sea”, “Juvenile” is a song of hope that people can find a brightness and start walking even in the solitude of deep darkness, although the lyrics also describe the feelings of the anime’s main character, Kaina.

It is also a new night song by GReeeeN, like “Hoshikage no Yale” (theme song for the 2020 NHK TV series “Yale”), which uses a star shining in the dark night as a metaphor for the preciousness of human relationships.

 The released music video tells a time-traveling story of a boy who feels lonely and is encouraged by his encounter in the future, and just like the cover of the album “Rockin’ Beats” released in December, it is full of 80s flavor.

◎GReeeeN Comment

The place where you are now, did you choose it or did you just find yourself there? If you are going to a place that is not there, keep walking, looking up at the sky as if you were aiming for Sirius, which is shining because it is in the dark. Before you know it, dawn is breaking.

The tears you shed while walking through the darkness will surely lead you to the opportunity to change yourself for tomorrow.

I wrote this song to convey such feelings to Juvenile and those who are Juvenile.

I also feel a connection with Tsutomu Nihei, the author of the original story, who is from Fukushima Prefecture, the place where we were born.


いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎