Hiroyuki Today: Opinions on Prime Minister Kishida’s remarks encouraging people to retrain while on maternity leave.

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 46, a businessman, updated his Twitter page on April 29.

In a response to a Diet session, he reiterated his opinion on Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s (65) statement that he would “encourage” re-education during maternity and childcare leave in order to raise wages and improve careers.

 In a representative question at the March 27 plenary session of the Upper House of the Diet, LDP lawmaker Toshishi Ooie (Fukuoka constituency) said, “If we can help people acquire certain skills or obtain degrees through reskilling during maternity or childcare leave, it can minimize career stagnation caused by childcare and, conversely, enable career advancement. If the government supports companies that combine reskilling with maternity/paternity leave, parents will be energized and encouraged to look forward to both parenting and work,” he suggested.

The Prime Minister said, “We will strongly support those who proactively work to re-skill, even under various circumstances, such as while raising children. We will work on this while taking the suggestion into consideration,” he replied.

 Hiroyuki commented on this response from Prime Minister Kishida, who has a different dimension to his child-rearing policy: “Studying for qualifications while raising a child! That is certainly a different dimension. You don’t have to come to that dimension. On the 28th, the day before, he wrote: “Some crazy politician thinks that parents on maternity or parental leave have the time and mental capacity to ‘relearn’. They don’t understand that their parents, who woke them up every three hours for more than half a year to do manual labor, made it possible for them to become adults. Is there no one in the LDP who can give them decent advice?” He wrote.

Come on, Mr. Kishida, if you don’t quit soon, the LDP will no longer be in power!

Hiroyuki Today

いいね または フォローしてね!

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