Hironori Takahashi launches “Amata Games”, a publisher of indie games. The first game is “NOSTALGIC TRAIN”.

nostalgic train

Game creator Hironori Takahashi, who is currently the chairman of game company “Amata Corporation”, announced on his Twitter account that he has established indie game publisher Amata Games at Amata Corporation.

The first step is to publish the adventure game “NOSTALGIC TRAIN”, which was released on PC, in a console development, and the Nintendo Switch version was released today.

The price is 1480 yen including tax. The game will also be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in the future.

Amata Games has also opened its official website and Twitter.

Hironori Takahashi is a game creator who previously worked as a director on “Dokodemo Issho”, a producer on “Toro and Holiday” and a producer on “Stragarden”.

In recent years, he is also known for his work on the VR escape adventure game “Last Labyrinth”.

Takahashi is the chairman of Amata Corporation, which is involved in a wide range of businesses including game development, VR and visual media.

The company has now announced the opening of Amata Games, an indie game publishing company.

According to the official website, through the development of “Last Labyrinth”, the company wanted to spread the appeal of indie games.

After experiencing the development and publishing of “Last Labyrinth”, a VR escape adventure game, an indie game released in 2019, we came to think that we want to spread the appeal of indie games more and want people to enjoy interesting games on various hardware.

So we decided to develop and publish indie games that we thought were “fun! We’ve opened Amata Games in the hope that by porting and distributing indie games that we think are interesting to various platforms, which would be difficult for developers to do on their own, we can show the appeal of indie games to a wider audience.

The first game to be published will be the adventure game “NOSTALGIC TRAIN”.

NOSTALGIC TRAIN is a fantastic first-person adventure game in which you must solve the mystery of the disappeared people and yourself in the Japanese countryside.

This will be the so-called “walking simulator” genre.

The game was released on Steam in 2018 by Japanese indie game creator ”Tatami Room”, and attracted a lot of attention for its beautifully reproduced CG quality of the Japanese countryside, and was recommended by the 22nd Japan Media Arts Screening Committee.

The game has also been ported to the Nintendo Switch and is now available in multiple languages.

The game is also planned to be released on consoles overseas.

The default setting for the game is English, so you’ll need to switch to Japanese in the language settings.

”NOSTALGIC TRAIN” is available on Nintendo Switch today, August 19th.

We’ll keep an eye out for more from Amata Games in the future.

nostalgic train

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