“New Lugia in the 25th Anniversary Expansion Pack of the Pokémon Card Game!

pokemon card lugia

Pokémon has released information on the card “Lugia” which will be included in the “Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Expansion Pack 25th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION” scheduled for release on October 22.

This product is an expansion pack to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon Card Game, which was born on October 20, 1996. Today, August 20, it was announced that one of the cards in the pack will be the legendary Pokémon “Lugia”, and the details of its curious move were revealed.

 Lugia’s move, “Aero Ball”, increases damage according to the number of Energy attached to each other’s Battle Pokémon. Lugia’s move, “Deep Crush”, deals 160 damage, though it will be unable to use it on its next turn. You’ll need to use your waza according to the situation.

 In addition, ‘Hikaru Koikingu’ is included in ‘Promo Card Pack 25th ANNIVERSARY edition’ which you can get for every 4 packs of this expansion pack. “Hikaru Koikingu is the first Hikaru Pokémon to appear in the Pokémon Card Game, and is a reproduction of a card from the Pokémon Card neo series.

The legendary Pokémon Lugia is now on Pokémon cards!

And there’s even a card recreating the Hikaru Koiking from the “Pokémon Card ★ neo” series!

For more information on each card, check out the Pokémon Card Game 25th Anniversary website: https://t.co/GNNVdVfjP9 #Pokéca #Pokéca 25th Anniversary pic.twitter.com/HEFO7dkB6v

  • Pokémon Official Twitter (@Pokemon_cojp) August 20, 2021

*The cards enclosed in the “Promo Card Pack 25th ANNIVERSARY edition” cannot be used in official tournaments.

pokemon card lugia

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