Is this a modified Nintendo 64 that can play the Switch? An overseas game fan has created what is commonly known as the “NS64”.

NS64 switch

The number of people modding retro game consoles is on the rise, and previously a YouTuber who increased the width of his Game Boy Advance for no particular reason was the talk of the town.

In the meantime, a game fan has created a modified Nintendo 64 that can play the Nintendo Switch.

QnadianBacon, a gaming fan, attempted this massive modification.

He bought an old Nintendo 64 and put all the parts needed to run the games on the Switch inside.

QnadianBacon also added a USB port so that he could use four wired controllers at the same time.

 QnadianBacon, who pulled off such an amazing mod, said of the process, “I had a lot of fun making it”.

This time, in addition to making it look cool, I wanted a dock that would keep the Switch horizontal and have four USB ports built in, so I could use other third-party controllers,” he said.

He went on to say that nostalgia and a longing to not have one as a child also led to the creation of the product.

 The finished product is called the NS64, and the process of making it can be seen on Imgur. If you’re interested in this amazing mod project, please check it out.

NS64 switch

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