DAOKO x Yonezu Genji ‘UCHIGAMI HANABI’ YouTube views exceed 500 million.

uchiage hanabi

The music video (MV) for DAOKO x Yonezu Genji’s ‘Uchiage Hanabi’, created by singer/songwriter Yonezu Genji (31), surpassed 500 million video views on YouTube on 23 March.
The song is based on the 2017 film ” Hanabi hachi, kara shita kara mieruka? Watch from the side?” It was released in August of the same year together with rap singer DAOKO, and in September 2007 it surpassed 300 million views, and has now finally reached the big time. This is the first Japanese music video to exceed 500 million views since Yonezu Genji’s “Lemon” released in March 2006.

 Yonezu provided a new song he wrote, ‘M Hachijuana (Emu Hachijuana)’, as the theme song for the film Shin Ultraman, which is currently in theatres. This is the first time Yonezu has sung the theme song for a live-action film, and has attracted a lot of attention and video views.

The number of views of Yonezu’s main songs and their play counts (as of 23 June 2022).
Lemon: 750 million views
Eine Kleine: 310 million views
LOSER: 290 million times
Peace Sign: 250 million times
Grey and Blue ( +Masaki Sugata): 230 million times
Electrocution: 180 million times
Horse and Deer: 180 million times
Flamingo: 160 million times
orion: 160 million times

uchiage hanabi

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎