Hiroyuki Today: his personal view on Prime Minister Kishida favouring his family and big business: ‘You seem to be practising “Don’t let the peasants live, don’t kill them”‘.

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 45, businessman and founder of the internet noticeboard ‘2chan’, updated his Twitter account on 17 November. He quoted an article in Money Post Web on 16 June titled “National pension to be extended to 45 years; self-employed people and former company employees in their early 60s will have to pay 1 million yen more for ‘major pension reform in 2025′” and expressed his personal opinion.

On Twitter on the same day, Hiroyuki quoted the same article as saying, “National pension, extension to 45 years of payment under consideration. Self-employed and former company employees in their early 60s will have to pay 1 million yen more. On the other hand, Prime Minister Kishida’s eldest son became the Prime Minister’s secretary and earns over 13 million yen a year. He pointed out that ‘relatives and large corporations are given preferential treatment’ and then developed his own theory: ‘It seems that you are practising “let the peasants live, don’t kill them”‘.

The article also reported that the Government is considering changing the National Pension Insurance premium payment period from 40 years (20-59 years under the current system) to 45 years (20-64 years), and that if this becomes a reality, it will place a large increase in premiums on people in their 60s.

In response to Hiroyuki’s post, commenters wrote: “A modern-day warrior-noble caste”, “No wonder there hasn’t been a revolt”, “How will they pay when so many retire at 60?” The comments included: ‘Bureaucrats and big companies, the middlemen who don’t work hard to keep their feet on the ground, have the easiest life’, ‘The Kishida disaster still continues’, ‘He’s a hereditary heir, so he must have a different sense of money’.

Hiroyuki Today

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