Ado’s inspiring collaboration with his idol, Sheena Ringo, in a much-talked-about movie.

ado and ringo

Ado (19), who is active as a “singer,” will sing the theme song for the movie “Karada Sagashi” (October 14) starring Kanna Hashimoto (23). The song “Missing” was written by Shiina Ringo (43), whom he admires. She is thrilled to be working with Ringo for the first time on a high-profile film, saying, “It’s such a precious experience that I can’t believe I’m not doing it.

 Ado has fulfilled another dream. After successfully completing her goal of performing at Saitama Super Arena on the 11th of this month, her next step was to collaborate with the person of her dreams. She has written the lyrics, composed the music, and arranged the music.

In a comment to the SpoNichi newspaper, she expressed her joy as follows: “I am so honored that I am using up all my luck in this world, as if this life is about to run out. She reveals that she has always admired him and that she is influenced by the way she sings. She even posted a cover video of Shiina’s “Sin and Punishment” (2000) on her YouTube channel.

 ”Missing” is a profound and intense rock number with an impressive intonation in her voice. The song is said to evoke Shiina’s unique world view. Shiina was present during the recording, and Ado recalls, “Ringo had something in her that she wanted to express only because of her, and I was worried about whether I could respond to her properly, but she gave me a lot of advice, and I learned a lot.”

Shiina, on the other hand, was full of praise, saying, “When I first heard Ado’s voice for the first time, I was horrified at how ideal Ado’s voice was,” and “Ado is a craftsman blessed with the intelligence to control her wild and majestic screams.

Ado’s “Missing” is a cell phone novel that has become a topic of conversation and has been adapted into a comic book and then into a live-action horror film.

And Ado is responding to me,” she said, expressing confidence in the finished product. The release date will be announced at a later date.

sin and punishment
ado and ringo

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