[TikTok Weekly Top 20] “I’m not myself when I’m around you (Feat. 10CM)” by Korea’s DINDIN tops the charts for the first time

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On the “TikTok Weekly Top 20” chart, which measures the popularity of songs on TikTok, Korean rapper DINDIN’s “I’m not myself when I’m around you (Feat. 10CM)” topped the charts on August 17, 2022 (period: August 8 – August 14, 2022). Korean rapper DINDIN’s “I’m not myself when I’m around you (Feat. 10CM)” took first place.

 The song, which was distributed in October 2021, debuted at No. 9 the previous week. The song was originally a hot topic in Korea running backwards on the charts (i.e., past songs rising up the charts over the months), and has been used widely among Korean TikTok users. Its points are up 347% from the previous week, and with more contributions by influencers, it may chart higher in the future.

 <In addition to “Devil’s Kiss,” a popular post with a kiss thrown at the end to the lyrics of “Dangerous Devil’s Kiss Muuumah,” and Satou Moka’s “Magic,” which topped the charts after its first appearance the previous week, “Edison” by Wednesday Campanella, “Otose Thunder” by Bocchi Boromaru, TWICE and NAYEON’s ” POP!” by TWICE and NAYEON, No. 2 to No. 6 did not show any significant point decrease from the previous week, maintaining their strong action during the week.

 Ado “Shinjidai (Uta from ONE PIECE FILM RED)” also made it to the top 10 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart for the first time. Since it is the theme song for the hit movie “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” it seems to be used in “ONE PIECE” related videos.

dindin tiktok

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