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Hiroyuki says that former Prime Minister Abe should have the decency to send him off quietly, at least at his funeral.

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 45, aka “Hiroyuki,” a businessman and founder of the Internet bulletin board 2channel, took to Twitter on April 14 to express his personal opinion on the wave of criticism of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s state funeral to be held on March 27, saying, “I think that even anti-social people should have the decency to send him off quietly, at least at his funeral. I think that even if they are anti-company, they should have the decency to give a quiet send-off at least at funerals.

 A follower who attached an article on former Prime Minister Abe and a “key figure in the bid for the Olympics” reported by Bunshun Online on the same day said, “It seems that former Prime Minister Abe, who Hiroyuki says should be given a state funeral with respect, was doing this behind the scenes. Are you going to keep quiet about this?” Hiroyuki responded, “I agree.

 Hiroyuki responded, “I know many people don’t agree with me, but,” he added, “Japanese people have always helped with funerals even if they were ostracized from their village. I wonder if those who can say, ‘You can interfere with the funeral because you did a terrible thing,’ are those who have lived their lives without bothering anyone?” He added, “I am not a person who has lived a life without causing trouble to anyone.

 The funeral for former Prime Minister Abe was held on July 12 at Zojoji Temple in Tokyo as a family affair.

Hiroyuki Today

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