Today, July 7, is Tanabata. I will explain its origin.

July 7 tanabata

Today, Thursday, July 7, is Tanabata. According to legend, this is a special day once a year when Orihime and Hikoboshi meet across the Milky Way.

This year, the rainy season has ended in southern Kyushu to southern Tohoku, but will we be able to see the starry sky tonight?

It is expected to be clearer on the Sea of Japan side of Honshu, where you can enjoy starry skies and the Milky Way.

Due to the atmospheric pressure trough in Kyushu and moist winds on the Pacific side of northern Japan, the sky will be unfavorable for looking up at the night sky.

Clouds are also likely to spread over the Kanto and Tokai regions, making observation difficult.

The stars that are compared to “Orihime” and “Hikoboshi” in the Tanabata legend, which originated in China, are “Vega,” the first-magnitude star in the constellation Lyra, and “Altair Altair” in the constellation of Eagle.

Vega (Orihime) and Altair (Hikoboshi) are the stars that form the “Summer Triangle,” a typical summer constellation. The Milky Way flows between the two stars, as in the Tanabata legend.

Vega (Orihime) and Altair (Hikoboshi) already appear in the eastern sky at sunset and rise high in the southern sky at midnight. After writing your wish on a strip of paper, if you live in a clear area, please look up at the sky.

It is nice to look up at the night sky and touch the stories of our distant ancestors.

Why not write your wish on a strip of paper?

July 7 tanabata

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎