The No.1 ranking of the most popular instant noodles has been decided! Out of a total of 2,000 votes, the winner is Sapporo Ichiban!

instant noodle popular

No.3: Maruchan Sheimen

 Third place went to Maruchan Sheimen from Toyo Suisan. “The noodles and soup are delicious,” and “The soup has umami and is tasty,” were some of the reasons many people gave for the high quality of the ramen. “Some said, “The noodles are so chewy, it’s more than instant ramen. It seems that the texture of the noodles, made using Maruchan’s own patented method called the “Fresh Noodle Umaimama Method,” and the soup, made with the utmost care, have won the hearts of many people.

 ”In addition to the standard soy sauce-flavored, miso-flavored, umami-salt-flavored, and pork-flavored versions, Maruchan also sells yakisoba and ton-ken noodles.

instant noodle popular

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎