The New Hamlet: Hamlet in a Stupor

The New Hamlet

Golden Week is over and I’m back to my normal routine.
Many people take the day off for holidays.
Many people will start work today.
Many people may be working remotely from home due to Covid-19.
I, for one, feel a little relieved when normal people have the day off.
I guess I can’t forgive myself for being absent and not being able to do anything.
It makes me feel better to think that I am not the only one who is resting.
However, the holidays always end and many people are pulled back to reality from their vacation.
Many people may wish they could be on vacation forever.
It is natural to think that we should be able to do whatever we want without anyone interfering with us, but when we are put in such a situation, we may feel confused.

If you are a wealthy person who lives a comfortable life, you may know how to use your time and enjoy your life. I would love to be in such a position.

There is nothing more painful than sitting in front of the computer, moving the mouse, surfing the Internet, and waiting for the time to pass by.

I want to take revenge on those two people who betrayed me.
If I was betrayed by someone I trusted, and then I got sick and couldn’t do anything about it, it was inevitable that I would have a desire to take revenge on them, but even if I pushed them further, there was no way they would break, so the game was already up.

Why are they lying to me? I’m sure there are many reasons: to get ahead in life, to protect their families, to avoid getting involved with strange people, etc. But don’t they feel any remorse for lying? Or have they forgotten that they lied to me and ruined my life?

Or am I just a fool for trusting such a person?

Was the conversation we had over fishing or drinking just for the occasion? Was it just a bunch of crap to get ahead in my career?

He had managed to type on the keyboard up to this point, but he took a break and looked up at the sky, which from the second floor was obscured by the lines of telegraph poles, making it difficult to see the beautiful blue sky. It was a beautiful sunny day. There were no sparrows chirping, no cars passing on the narrow street, nothing.

This seemingly peaceful routine is his daily life. He seems to have given up on writing the rest of the story. He is trying to write the rest of the story, but the laughing faces of those two people come to his mind, and he turns away from the book he is reading, as if he no longer cares. He is thinking about whether or not to read that book, but he doesn’t feel like reading it yet. He’s trying to remember Hamlet’s second soliloquy, but all he can think of is the first line and the line “Vengence!

The quiet peace is broken by a small chirp of a sparrow as a car drives by on the road below.
He gazed blankly out the half-opened window, listening to the chirping of the sparrows and the occasional passing car.

The New Hamlet

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎