The End of the World in the Name of Hope

The End of the World

The world is about to be destroyed.

You have been given a small boat.

It’s Noah’s ark.

Only one animal can be on board besides you.

Which animal will you choose?





The answer is what you value and what you want to continue to value.

It’s a kind of psychological game.

Tiger is pride.

Horse, work.

Peafowl is money.

Sheep is love.

At that time, I did not have a regular job and I was at the bottom of my life.

I was lost until I decided to choose sheep.

But I chose sheep.

I guess I was lonely.

I had been living in Tokyo for more than ten years, and I was already a Tokyo person.

I was half tired of living.

It’s a common story.

A betrayal from someone you trusted.

I was in a desperate state, unable to recognize my own abilities.

She smiled and said, “So do I,” and gave me the answer to the quiz.

I also found out that this is a line from a TV show called “The End of the World”.

Script by Shinji Nojima

Honami Suzuki(Maria)

Hiroshi Mikami(Shiro)

Because of its content, it will never be released on DVD.

It is a wonderful love story.

I still remember it.

I am worried about what happened to the woman.

I wonder what happened to her, because she was not in shape to live long.

My heart is in turmoil and time is passing.

You can watch the story only by FOD. 2weeks is free.

The End of the World

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎