How to make a screw thread that stripped. You can always use an electric screwdriver and Anex Bid to remove them.

screw thread striped


When repairing a junk computer, the first thing to do is to remove the back cover.

If you can’t remove the back cover, you can’t repair it.

However, there is a big obstacle standing in the way of repair.

That’s right.

In many cases, the screw itself has collapsed and it is impossible to even open the back.

I’ve tried everything, and if you do this first, the screw thread that stripped will come off 100% of the time.

The first thing to try is to insert a rubber band into the screw and turn the screw.

The rubber band will bite into the screw hole and turn it, but this will not work at all on a completely screw thread.

Another method is to apply a tube of liquid to the screw hole and remove it. The liquid contains something like sand, and if the screw can be fixed to the screwdriver, it may be possible to turn it, but like rubber bands, it is completely ineffective for completely licked screws.

There is a last resort, and it takes patience and time, but it will turn the screw 100%.

We will show you how to do it.

What to prepare

Electric screwdriver

It is impossible to do this by hand. Electric screwdrivers are expensive, and I know you don’t want to spend that kind of money to turn one screw, but a cheap one will do. I bought an electric screwdriver that cost less than 2000 yen(20$).

screw thread striped

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