Retro “Kirby the Star” First Lottery! Cute “hamburger” themed goods Japan information.

kirby first lottery Japan

The “Hoshi no Kirby KIRBY’S BURGER” lottery will go on sale at Lawson, other convenience stores, bookstores, hobby stores, game centers, and drugstores from September 24 (Fri.).

Items with a retro atmosphere

 The “Ichiban Kuji Lottery KIRBY’S BURGER” is a lottery that consists of 8 grades, 20 types and the last one prize. The lineup includes items with original art with a retro and vintage atmosphere based on the theme of burgers.

 Prize A is a burger-shaped cushion with Kirby’s mascot jumping on it. It’s a cute item with Waddle Dee’s branding designed on the burger part.

 The B prize is a 30cm Kirby plushie that can be hugged with both hands. The plushie has a 30cm plushie of Kirby that you can hug with both hands, and the expression of Kirby laying down with a pizza in his hands is soothing.

 Other items include a coffee server with Kirby’s face painted on it for the C prize, a marche bag with Kirby’s mascot for the D prize, and a figure for your desk for the E prize. The last one prize is a burger cushion with Waddle Dee’s mascot jumping on it.

Outline of “Ichiban Kuji Lottery Kirby KIRBY’S BURGER
Release date: Friday, September 24, 2012

kirby first lottery Japan

いいね または フォローしてね!

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