Renewal of “Animate Ikebukuro” to become one of the world’s leading anime shops (Japanese Anime and Game Information)

animate anime shop Japan

Animate, which operates anime and game related shops, will renovate the “Animate Ikebukuro Main Store” and make a grand opening in the spring of 2023. The aim is to create a facility where visitors can experience the world of anime and comics.

 On the site of the former Ikebukuro Public Health Center, a new building will be constructed to house the current shop and expand its sales floor space. It will be one of the largest anime shops in the world, with a wide range of items and a relaxed atmosphere.

 The first Animate Ikebukuro shop opened in front of Ikebukuro Sunshine City in March 1983. The surrounding area has been attracting attention as a place where women who love anime gather.

 Then, in November 2012, ‘animate IKEBUKURO’ was reopened. Animate aims to contribute to the realization of Toshima Ward, where the shop is located, as a “theatre city where everyone can play a leading role, where the whole town is a stage”.

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animate anime shop Japan

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