Pococha Review: Birthday Surprise

pococha review in Japan

Pococha is a video streaming service, quite popular in Japan, with a total of over 2.2 million downloads as of December 31, 2020. It’s a medium that is somewhere in between reality and virtual.

I’ve been playing Pococacha for about four months now, and I’ve been logging in almost every day. I get coins when I log in, and I can accumulate about 20 coins by playing with a few people around the box, so I don’t pay for it and enjoy it for free.

If you are above 1K, you can join a family, and there is a woman I have been interested in since the beginning.

I had heard directly from another liver that Pococha pays more than 2,000 yen an hour when you reach the A level, so I couldn’t shake the feeling that the livers were in it for the money. It seemed as if the core of newcomers were no longer needed. But of course, in order to make more money, you need to find new people, so I felt a little uncomfortable because it seemed like the artists were trying hard to get new listeners.

Ms. M was one of the first woman who welcomed me as a newcomer. Since I don’t pay bills, I didn’t even know how long it would take me to get to 1K at first, but I learned from her that if you hold down on your post, your meter will appear. When I was told that I was almost there, I was happy, even though I was not old enough to be happy, and when my name was put up on the wall for the first time, I was also happy.

My disease is one of loss of desire. Even when I want to do something, I can’t act on it. I no longer know what good food is, and even if I try to read a book, my body can’t do it.
The only thing I can say is that I drink at night. After the alcohol was taken away from me and I had nothing left to drink, Pokocha and my blog came to the fore. My power of communication may be small, but since I can type with the keyboard in word on my computer instead of writing by hand, I am able to write my thoughts almost every day.

Ms. M took a one-month break after the delivery on April 30. I wrote about it in yesterday’s blog, but I’d like to write about her while she’s away.

On her birthday, a plan was proposed to her. The idea was to change the icon to M’s face at midnight when the date changes. I thought it was an interesting idea, and of course I wanted to participate.

However, I didn’t know how to change my icon because I registered my icon through twitter authentication, so I didn’t know how to register my twitter icon myself. I think the plan at that time was done in a different frame so that Ms. m would not know. In that frame, I was having trouble downloading M’s icon on my Android, but a man told me to just make a scrapbook of it, so I saved the scrapbook and mastered how to exchange it with my own icon.

On that day, since I had been distributing since the day before my birthday, I changed my icon at 23:50, and at midnight, all of m’s icons appeared at once as a surprise. I thought it was fun to imagine her surprised face.

For the sake of the year, I decided to leave the feed at 23:45 and exchange my icons. I was able to do it in five minutes. I was able to exchange icons in five minutes, and all I had to do was enter Ms m’s distribution again in ten minutes. I thought I had done a good job, and I was looking forward to seeing her surprised face.

But I couldn’t join in. I had fallen asleep in those ten minutes. When I realized it was three o’clock. The light on my phone was the end screen.

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself for being such an idiot, but I had been taking sleeping pills at night and listening to the feeds, so it happened from time to time, but I never thought I would fall asleep that day.

The next day, 23:00 at night. There were still 10 minutes left on Ms. M’s birthday. I managed to wish her a happy birthday (in chat, of course). I also changed my icon to her icon. The icon had Ms. m’s face all over the screen.

Some of the family members thought it was weird. I’m sure there are people who think it’s weird, but for me, that delivery is a memory I’ll never forget.


Of course, there was no delivery by Ms. M today. Yesterday, before I went to bed, I wrote down my diary for the day in case the family frame would get lonely. Everyone had returned home, and Ms. M seemed to have come to see us.

Ms. M, I think it’s actually difficult to take a good rest. It may not be the place to take a rest because of the many thoughts and feelings that cross your mind.

But hey, how about doing something you couldn’t normally do?
Take a walk, sit on a park bench and watch the clouds change.
There is music and movies. There are books. There is TV. The Internet.
You may not be able to do it all.

But I think that doing nothing is actually the most important thing you can do to rest your mind.

Don’t be in a hurry!

pococha review in Japan

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎