Nintendo TOKYO starts accepting applications for lottery sales of the Switch (OLED model) from 10:00 today

switch OLED nintendo

Nintendo TOKYO, the official store of Nintendo, has started to accept lottery for ‘Nintendo Switch (OLED model)’ from 10:00 today, November 8th. The lottery will be held until 11 November, 23:59.

 This lottery is for the white, neon blue and neon red models of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model). Lottery entries will be accepted via a dedicated web-based reservation form, and each person will be limited to one of each item. The product must be picked up at a Nintendo TOKYO shop by the person who applied.

 The winner will be announced on November 13th. The result will be notified to the registered email address. If you are a winner, you will be able to pay for the product at the shop during business hours from November 15th to November 21st. The price for both models is 37,980 yen (including tax). The price is 37,980 yen, including tax, and you will be asked to show an official ID with your name and date of birth.

Click here to visit the Nintendo TOKYO “Nintendo Switch (OLED model)” lottery page.

[We will be accepting reservations for “Nintendo Switch (OLED model)” by lottery only on the website. If you would like to pre-order, please fill out the pre-order form from Monday 8th November 10:00 to Thursday 11th November 23:59. You can pick up your copy at #NintendoTOKYO:

switch OLED nintendo

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