A lot of applications for the lottery for the 25th anniversary set of Pokémon cards.

pokemon cards 25th

The 25th Anniversary GOLDEN BOX, a set commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon Card Game, will be made to order at the Pokémon Center Online, based on the number of applications received in the lottery.

This product was originally scheduled to go on sale on October 22, but it was decided that it would be sold by lottery. The product was originally scheduled to go on sale on 22 October, but it was decided that it would be sold by lottery, and the date was changed to “shipping around winter 2021” to accommodate production reasons.

At that time, it was also considered to switch to made-to-order production depending on the number of applications. The order production will be available from spring 2022 onwards. A more detailed date will be announced at a later date.

The popularity of “Pokéca” continues to heat up, and it is difficult to get one
The popularity of the “Pokéka” has never stopped. Every time a new product goes on sale, there are long queues at card shops and other retailers, and many products are out of stock or difficult to obtain.

Many products and cards are being sold at high prices on Amazon and Mercari, and there are even people who call themselves “Pokéca investors”.

There is a shortage of supply to meet the demand for Pokémon, and the price of Pokémon continues to rise. On the other hand, there is a danger that if players are unable to acquire enough cards for a long time, the game itself will decline.

At the moment, it is up to the manufacturers to address these issues by increasing production and pre-ordering.

The “25th ANNIVERSARY GOLDEN BOX”, one of the new products being introduced one after another to mark the 25th anniversary, was initially expected to be difficult to obtain, but the company decided to produce it on a made-to-order basis.

Even now, when new products are released, they are in short supply, and on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, the new element “VSTAR” was announced.

VSTAR, which can be evolved from a Pokémon with the letter “V”, has a powerful effect called “VSTAR Power” that can be used only once during a match.

This type of card, which will be added to the “Star Birth” expansion pack scheduled to be released on Friday, January 14, 2022, will have limited use, but it is expected to become the centre of new developments in the future and further heat up its popularity.

With this in mind, the 25th anniversary set will be made available to order, so that those who want it can order it and the manufacturers can produce it in the quantities they want, thus reducing the shortage of supply and preventing the value of the cards from rising too high, and possibly even changing the current situation where it is difficult to get what you want.

pokemon cards 25th

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