New release date for the animated film “The Deer King”, latest visuals and previews released

deer king new movie

The new release date for the animated film “The King of the Deer: Una and the Promised Journey” has been set for February 4th.

The film, which had been postponed due to the new coronavirus infection, is a medical fantasy based on a novel by Uehashi Nahoko.

The film shows Van, a slave who used to fight for his country as the head of the “Dokaku” knight order.

Tsutsumi Shinichi voices Van, a lonely warrior with antibodies to a mysterious disease; Kimura Hisui voices Yuna, a young girl with no relatives; Takeuchi Ryoma voices Hossal, a genius doctor; and Anne voices Sae, a warrior who pursues Van.

The new visuals depict Van, Hossal, Sae, Yuna, Hossal’s follower Macoucan, the rebellious warrior Orphan, and a flying deer.

Directed by Masashi Ando and co-directed by Masayuki Miyaji, “The Deer King: Yuna and the Journey of Promise” opens in theaters nationwide.

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deer king new movie

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