Moncler enters Fortnite game and collaborates with Alix

moncler fortnite alix

On November 19, Epic games’ Fortnite announced the third collaboration between Moncler and Alix (1017ALYX9SM) in the game.

The collection, which can be worn by avatars in the game, includes down jackets, knit caps and sunglasses, as well as game-specific products such as gliders and pickaxes. The main feature of the collection is a style of outfit that changes colour according to your attitude during play. The costumes can be purchased as a set or as individual items.

Matthew Williams, creative director of Alix, said: “It was a fun experience to work as a team with Epic and Moncler to launch the collection in a digital space like Fort Nine. Digital apparel allows us to be more creative with our clothes, as opposed to being self-indulgent in the real world”.

moncler fortnite alix

いいね または フォローしてね!

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