Mako and Komuro’s Marriage Report Accepted, Mako Komuro to Become ‘Mako Komuro’

Mako Komuro marriage

The Imperial Household Agency has announced that the marriage notification of Mako, the eldest daughter of the Akishino family, and Kei Komuro has been accepted.

 Mako has left the imperial family and become Mako Komuro, and she and Komuro are scheduled to hold a press conference in Tokyo this afternoon.

The two were originally scheduled to answer questions from reporters in person, but the Imperial Household Agency said that after the two spoke at the beginning of the press conference yesterday, they issued written answers to five questions they had received beforehand and left the room.

 The reason for the cancellation of the question-and-answer session, the Imperial Household Agency said, was that “Mako was strongly shocked by the fact that some of the questions she received in advance could give the impression that false information was true,” and that the decision was based on consultations with doctors.

 On the other hand, the two have decided to use this format because they have a strong desire to talk directly about their feelings about the marriage.

Mako Komuro marriage

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