Courtesy of Google! Free tool for 5 million book data

Google Ngram Viewer

So, when did a word start to be used?
When did a word first come into use? How long has a word been in use?
how long a word has been in use.

Google Ngram Viewer

This is a service provided by Google.
It is based on more than 5 million books scanned by Google.
It is a database service consisting of 500 billion words.

This tool can be used to find out an origin of a word.
When did a word first come into use?
When was the word first used and in which period was it used most?
and in which period it was used most often.
and graphically illustrate the changes.

For example, the word “computer”
started to be used around 1940
and has been decreasing since 1987.
Unfortunately, there is no Japanese equivalent.

Google Ngram Viewer

Google Ngram Viewer

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