Kei Komuro fails lawyer’s exam, will try again next February… Mako says she will support him.

Kei Komuro fails

Kei Komuro, 30, who is married to Mako, 30, the eldest daughter of the Akishinomiya family, failed the bar exam in New York State.

On the 30th, NHK “News 7” reported.

After graduating from Fordham University Law School, Komuro took the New York State bar exam in July. On the 29th, the results were announced on the website of the New York State Bar Examination Board, but Komuro’s name was not on it.

 A total of 9,227 people took the exam, and 5,791 passed. However, only 5785 were announced, and six were unlisted or undisclosed.

 According to NHK’s “News 7”, Mr. Komuro failed the exam and has the intention to “try again” for the same exam next February. His wife, Mako, has also renewed her determination, saying, “I will support him.

 I would like to thank the United States for dropping him without mercy, no matter how much he is a relative of the Japanese royal family.

Kei Komuro fails

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎