International Space Station, Live, YouTube

international space station LIVE

Have you ever heard of the International Space Station (ISS)?

Completed in July 2011, the ISS is an experimental facility for friends built about 400K above the ground.

Since November 2000, three astronauts have been working on the ISS, and now there are six astronauts operating it.

What’s more, you can see the images they showed us live.

NASA has set up a YouTube channel (Space Videos) where you can see images of space taken (or being taken) by the ISS.

I was impressed by how close and clear the moon was.

What does the Earth look like from space?

It’s just a star, I suppose.

At night, when I look up at the sky, the moon seems to be within reach, but it must be watching the earth from far away.

Watch a live feed of the majestic universe.

The Universe is in motion.

international space station LIVE

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