Infections in Japan exceeded 1 million for the first time in a week, 1.68 times more than the previous week.

corona in Japan

As of 10:00 a.m. on the 25th, the total number of people infected with the new strain of coronavirus in Japan, including those onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, reached 1,139,923.

 The number of newly infected persons during the week was 1,054,859, exceeding 1,000,000 for the first time.

 The number of daily infections exceeded 200,000 on the 23rd, the fourth consecutive day that the number of daily infections reached a record high. The rapid spread of infection continues with the spread of BA.5, a derivative of the highly infectious Omicron strain.

 Tokyo had the highest number of newly infected persons during the week by prefecture, with 171,798, 1.6 times the number of the previous week. Osaka (113,792), Kanagawa (75,256), Aichi (71,809), and Fukuoka (63,559) followed.

 The total number of fatalities was 31,915, an increase of 300 in one week. 

 Wearing a mask in hot Japan is now a common practice, but no policy has been taken.

 The current treatment of the new coronas seems to be the same as the common cold.

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corona in Japan

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