Hiroyuki Today: ‘We’ve been out of touch with religion for a long time’ after Hikaru Ota’s comments under fire

Hiyoyuki Today

 Businessman Hiroyuki Hiroyuki appeared live in the studio on TBS’s Sunday Japon on 2 August. He analysed Hikaru Ota’s comments about the former Unification Church, which have come under fire.

 In the broadcast episode on 25 September, Ota said that problems surrounding former Unification Church members and their families “have been caused by kidnapping, confining and locking them up, and various problems have arisen, and the answers have not yet been found”. This is controversial as it is a statement in defence of the former Unification Church.

 Hiroyuki said, “As to why Mr Ota is unusually under fire just this time, I feel that it is a problem on the side of society.

 Regarding the state of society, he said, “The majority of the public thinks that the (former) Unification Church is not good to begin with. But the Liberal Democratic Party is in love with it, and about half of the Diet members are involved. The other ruling party is also run by the Soka Gakkai. The state of inaccessibility to religion has been going on for a long time”, he explained.

 He continued, “Even though the media is bashing and communicating, if there is someone who says something pro-Unification Church in the media, the people have a sense of crisis that if even the media cannot intervene against the old Unification Church, then Japan is in trouble”. Are you trying to solve this problem?’ I think it’s a social problem.

Hiyoyuki Today

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