Hiroyuki today: submits his own views on ‘people who are into religion’.

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 45, a businessman and founder of 2chan, updated his Twitter page on 26 November. He posted his views on “people who are addicted to religion” and received a number of sympathetic comments.

 Hiroyuki introduced an article in which he discussed the suffering of second-generation religious people with journalist Suzuki Eight. He then analysed the character of people who are easily addicted to religion, saying, “People who are addicted to religion and people who are deceived by Oreore scams are, in other words, ‘people who are honest and do not suspect others'” and continued, “Should I become someone who suspects every word and action of others? He added: “I don’t know if I should be a person who doubts every single thing other people say or do.”

 This view was met with the comment: ‘I guess that’s true.’
‘I’ve had many religious invitations, but many of the people who invite me do so because they genuinely want me to be happy.’
’That’s a very deep point.’
’I guess it’s wrong to be too naive.’
‘I think there are people who are unhappy or have had a hard time and are taken advantage of in that emotional gap.’
Various comments were received.

Hiroyuki Today

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