Hiroyuki Today: Personal Opinion on Osaka University Library’s Reduced Opening Hours Due to Rising Utility Costs

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 46, aka “Hiroyuki,” businessman and founder of the online bulletin board “2channel,” updated his Twitter page on March 22.

He quoted an important notice from the Osaka University Library titled “Regarding the shortening of library hours from December due to soaring utility costs,” and expressed his personal opinion on the matter.

In the article cited by Mr. Hiroyuki, the soaring electricity and other costs are having a serious and severe impact on the university’s management.

The University Library has also made efforts to save electricity during the summer holidays, but the effects have been limited, and further power-saving measures have become necessary on a university-wide basis.

As a measure to cope with this emergency situation, the three libraries, the General Library, the Life Science Library, and the Science and Engineering Library, have unavoidably shortened their opening hours from December until the end of the fiscal year, the article concludes with a request for users’ understanding.

Quoting the same article on Twitter, Hiroyuki pointed out, “[Sad news] The opening hours of the national library at Osaka University will be shortened due to a lack of electricity, which will reduce study and research hours,” and then went on to discuss the future of the country where education and research are not prioritized enough. He then went on to develop his own theory.

Osaka University is a prestigious university. It seems as if they have given up on academics, though they have come to the conclusion that they will reduce the opening hours of the library.

The library is a treasure house of knowledge.

Hiroyuki Today

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