Hiroyuki Today: mentioning the new coronavirus outbreak in France

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 46, a businessman and founder of 2channel, updated his Twitter page on March 18. He mentioned the infection situation of the new type of coronavirus in France.

 On October 31, Governor Takahisa Satake of Akita Prefecture, who was found to be infected with the new coronavirus after returning from a business trip to France, told reporters, “Everyone who goes to France gets [coronavirus],” pasting a news article reporting the current infection situation in France, and adding, “The total number of coronavirus positive people in France is 37 million. The total number of corona-positive people in France is 37 million, which means that 55% of the 67 million French population is infected,” he explained.”

 He continued, “Since there is only one in every 100 people wearing a mask, the French government is not interested in controlling the spread of coronas and is leaving it up to individual people to make their own decisions. It’s not surprising that people have become infected while traveling in France. “

Hiroyuki Today

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