Hiroyuki Today: 500 million yen awarded for “Fast Movie” damages

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 46, a founder of 2channel and a businessman, updated his Twitter page by the 18th. He mentioned a lawsuit filed by 13 major video companies, including Toho, Shochiku, and Toei, against two men and a woman in their 20s for releasing a “fast movie” on YouTube without permission, in which they edited and shortened a movie to about 10 minutes.

 In its ruling on the lawsuit, the Tokyo District Court (Presiding Judge Masaki Sugiura) ordered compensation of 500 million yen as requested on March 17.

This is the first judicial decision on the amount of damages caused by fast films.

The amount was significantly higher than the approximately 7 million yen in advertising revenue the two earned from their contributions.

The two were arrested last June on charges of violating the Copyright Act, and their convictions were later confirmed in a criminal trial.

The focus of attention in this lawsuit was the method used to calculate the amount of damages caused by the fast films.

The Tokyo District Court adopted the 13 companies’ argument that the amount was 200 yen per playback.

 Hiroyuki pasted a news article reporting the ruling and wrote, “The person who uploaded the movie clipping was ordered to pay 500 million yen in damages.

Compensation of 200 yen per playback.

The copyright infringement ruling means that a work that ‘I would never have seen if it wasn’t free’ has caused damages of ‘regular price x number of people who saw it. I think the real amount of damage may be much lower.”

Hiroyuki Today

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