Hiroyuki Today: Japan’s “pay-as-you-go” scholarship system is a pet theory

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki Nishimura, 45, aka “Hiroyuki,” an entrepreneur and founder of the Internet bulletin board 2channel, updated his Twitter page on March 13. He attached an NHK article titled, “The standard annual income for scholarship students is 3 million yen,” and developed his own theory.

 The annual income at which the full-scale repayment of “career scholarships” for university students will begin is likely to be 3 million yen. In France, the legal minimum annual income is about 3 million yen, and it is illegal to earn less than that.

It seems that we are entering an era in which the minimum wage in France is the same as the “sekusei pay” of the Japanese.” What does ” career advancement” mean?

Japan has fallen to the status of a developing country.

Farewell, Japan!

Hiroyuki Today

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎