Hiroyuki Today: “Going to private school is a pastime, so pay your own way” Tokyo’s subsidy for private junior high school fees questioned

Hiroyuki Today

Hiroyuki (Hiroyuki Nishimura), businessman and founder of 2channel, updated his Twitter page on March 21.

He expressed doubts about the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s subsidies for private junior high school tuition.

 Hiroyuki appeared live on the video distribution site ABEMA’s news program “Abema Prime” on March 20.

In response to a story about Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike meeting with members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and responding to a request from a member of the assembly to “urgently consider” subsidizing tuition for students attending private schools, he asserted, “Going to private schools is a pastime, so I think they should pay their own way”.

 In his post on the 21st, he again touched on the topic of tuition subsidies, citing the example of “private schools in Tokyo that sometimes charge high tuition for ‘famous designer uniforms’ and so on,” and said, “I think it is different when a stranger who is not a party to the issue is made to pay with taxpayer money.

Hiroyuki certainly has a point. It seems that the reason why students go to private schools with high tuition fees, when they could go to metropolitan schools with low tuition fees, is because of their parents’ financial ability.

What is important here is the quality of metropolitan public schools. The quality of metropolitan public schools is not as good as that of private schools.
Going to a private school will cost you more in tuition fees, but it also has the advantage of allowing you to escalate your education when you go on to college.

This is a welcome policy for parents who send their children to private schools.
A good education usually costs a lot of money.

Hiroyuki Today

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