Hiroyuki Today: explains why “Don’t put #HikaruOhta on TV” trended on live TV… “It’s a long story to begin with.”

Hiroyuki Today

TBS’s “Sunday Japon” (Sundays at 9:54 a.m.) aired a live report on Sunday, March 18 about the former Unification Church of Japan. The program reported that “#Don’t show Hikaru Ota on TV” started trending on SNS in response to comments made by Hikaru Ota of “Bakusho Mondai,” the show’s MC, on the issue surrounding the former Unification Church. The show is aired on social networking sites.

 The program reported that Ota’s series of comments on the show were causing a firestorm on social networking sites, with many people taking them as a defense of the church. Commentator Hiroyuki Nishimura, founder of “2channel,” who appeared remotely on the program, pointed out that Ota’s talk was long to begin with, and that he talked ahead of what he should be talking about now.

 He added, “Mr. Ota talks a lot because he talks about a lot of things, such as how things happened and what will happen if this happens. So, if you listen to it as a whole, it is a decent thing to say, but if you cut out just a part of it, it is taken in such a way that it is sure to be repulsive”. Ota nodded in agreement.

Hiroyuki Today

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