Gunpla “RG 1/144 Hi-ν Gundam” will be re-produced in November and January 2022

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BANDAI SPIRITS has released the re-production schedule for the plastic models ‘RG 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundam’ and ’30MS SIS-G00 Richetta [Color A]’.

“RG 1/144 Hi-ν Gundam’ will be re-produced in November and January 2022, and ’30MS SIS-G00 Richetta [Color A]’ will be re-produced in October and December.

RG 1/144 Hi-ν Gundam’.

 This product is the RG series version of the mobile suit ‘Hi-Nu Gundam’ in which Amuro Rei appears in ‘Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack – Belto Chica Children’. The distinctive fin funnel container and propellant tank on the back, as well as the white and blue colour scheme, have all been recreated.

 The armor is equipped with a “multi-link gimmick” that allows the armor to slide in conjunction with the movement of each joint, and each armor part can be slid to expose the mechanical internal frame.

 Various armaments and hand parts are included as optional parts.

[30MS SIS-G00 Richetta [Color A]]

 This product is the first in BANDAI SPIRITS’ original Bishoujo plastic model series ’30 MINUTES SISTERS’, and comes with Richetta herself, three different face parts, and armor parts.

 The face parts are made using tampo printing, allowing you to change her expression to suit the scene. The face parts are tampo printed, allowing you to change her expression to suit the scene, and by attaching the optional parts (sold separately), you can customize her in various ways.

gunpla reproduce
gunpla reproduce

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