This is a great way to wake up! The song is a cool arrangement of the iPhone alarm sound.

iphone alarm

The iPhone’s default alarm sound has been getting a lot of attention on Twitter, with some people saying it’s a great idea and a great way to wake up.

The iPhone’s default alarm sound, “Radar”, was recorded with a microphone and arranged in a music editing software. The high-pitched, monotonous alarm that some people find depressing is turned into ultra-funny club music!

 The music is so cool that it makes you laugh, but you can still hear the original alarm sound and get that mysterious “I have to wake up ……! .

You may or may not want to set this arrangement as your alarm.

 The author is Tanchiky, an artist who has written songs for the music games Taiko Drum Master, maimai and Arcaea.

The comments are:

“Cool! “I got goosebumps just listening to it”,

“I got a kick out of the unexpected arrangement”,

“I love it, it’s like a standby sound for riders”,

and “I don’t think I’ll ever fall asleep again” if I set it as my alarm sound.

iphone alarm

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎