Dragon Quest’s “Zoma” recreated in Lego, using over 10,000 parts! A big reaction on SNS… The creator reveals his hard work and persistence

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The character “Zoma” from the popular game “Dragon Quest” is being recreated with Lego bricks.

 It is said that the total number of parts is over 10,000, and it is a work of art that contains the creator’s “love for Dracula”.

This is a work that should be passed down as a ‘legend’.

 The topic of discussion is “Dragon Quest III and the Legend…” released in 1988. It is the Lego work of the last boss “Zoma” appearing in “Dragon Quest III and the Legend…” etc. released in 1988.

 Zoma is a blue-skinned demon king who wears an orange robe, a purple cloak, a hat with a single eye and a horn, and a hideous gold skull ornament around his neck.

 In Lego, Zoma’s features have been reproduced in three dimensions in a colour scheme that looks like a dot picture. The figure stands about 45cm tall.

 When Twitter user FukuTaku (@FukuTaku10) shared the finished product on August 11, 2021, it received more than 23,000 likes.

“I can’t believe they made such a vivid and delicate Zoma out of Lego… !!!! It’s amazing!

“It’s amazing! I didn’t know you could do that!

“Not only the front, but also the back, 360°, it’s really amazing! This is legendary.

“This is a work that should go down as ‘legendary’.

This is a work that should be passed down as a ‘legend’.

More than 10,000 parts and 36 colours

 FukuTaku told J-CAST News on the 11th that he had been working on this work for about a month, completing it almost every day. The total number of parts is over 10,000, and 36 different colours were combined.

 The pose was based on the attack motion of Zoma in the Super Nintendo (SFC) version. “I changed the cloak to make it more dynamic to match the pose,” he said, “and reassembled it many times until I got the movement I wanted.

 He says he used to love making Lego when he was a child, and when he had a nephew, he got reacquainted with Lego, and around April, he started making Dracula characters, which he says he has loved since the days of the Famicom (NES), and got into making them. He says that the dot-drawing style of his work is influenced by Dracula.

 In addition to Zoma, he has also made other Lego creations on Twitter, including Hagure Metal, Mummy Man and Mad Hand.

 FukuTaku answered about the response, “I’m very happy that other people can share the same feeling (that I myself sent out what I thought was good). I’m very happy that other people can relate to it.

“I hope that my love for Dracula will spread and be passed on to others.

He said. As for his next project, he is keen to “make cute sized monsters again”. He hopes to show the public how he makes them, and is preparing to do so.

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