<h&s> animated commercial is a hot topic – too high quality! 20 million views!

H&S CM anime

An animated commercial for P&G Japan’s “h&s” scalp care shampoo brand has become a hot topic, depicting the activities of the official h&s character, Spy Ando.

The second one, which was released in November, has gained popularity with over 5.15 million views in about three weeks.

 In the first episode, Andor is hunted down by detective Takashi because his own dandruff has become a trace …….

By overcoming his dandruff, he succeeds in escaping.

In the second episode, Andor and his master take on a big mission.

The quality of the video has become a hot topic and the number of views is increasing.

全ての [男性用] 製品から選ぶ | h&s (hscare.jp)

H&S CM anime

いいね または フォローしてね!

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