What is the unique “evolution” of Pokémon in “Emerald” that prompted a generational shift in fans?

pokemon emerald

September 16, 2004 was the release date of “Pokémon Emerald”. What kind of “Pokémon fans” are playing “Pokémon” now in 2021?

“Pokémon fans divided in two? ”Not a few people have graduated from the “third generation

September 16, 2004 was the release date of “Pokémon Emerald” (Emerald). This is the third game in the series, and along with “Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire” (RS), which is also set in the Houen region, it is sometimes referred to as the “third generation” by fans. (Strictly speaking, the “third generation” includes the Game Boy Advance game “Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green”.

 The reason why the series is referred to as a “generation” is because (as a rule) “Pokémon” does not use numbers to refer to its numbered titles. This “third generation” is a turning point, a turning point that has prompted a generational change in the fan base.

 Unlike the so-called “first generation” and “gold and silver” titles, which were released for the Game Boy, “RS” and “Emerald” were released for the Game Boy Advance.

 In 2001, the year the Game Boy Advance was released, the Nintendo GameCube was also released. The previous year, 2000, saw the release of the PlayStation 2, which was also a big hit.

 Which hardware to buy and whether or not to play the latest Pocket Monsters? In the years since the first game was released in 1996, the gaming market and the tastes of players had changed dramatically, and fans of the series were divided in their opinions.

 Also, from the third generation onwards, the challenge factor has increased dramatically. The battle system became more complex, and it took some players several months to develop their ideal Pokémon. I think the gap between the players who graduated from “Pokémon” and the fans who followed the series and new fans gradually widened.

Now, the 8th generation: as many Pokémon as there are ways to play and as many fans as there are Pokémon

2021 is the 25th anniversary of “Pokemon”. The latest numbered title, “Pokémon Sword Shield”, is now in its eighth generation. The number of “Pokémon” continues to grow, with more than 900 varieties. So, what kind of fans are branching out from the third generation, and how are they playing now?

 In terms of the number of titles, there are so many that even the most dedicated fans can’t play them all.

 For example, in July 2021, the team strategy game Pokémon Unite was released for the Nintendo Switch to critical acclaim, with a smartphone version due to be released on Wednesday 22 September.

 On Friday 19 November, “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl”, also known as “Daipari Make”, will finally be released for Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, on Friday 28 January 2022, “Pokemon LEGENDS Arceus” will be released.

 Other products include “Pokémon Cards” trading cards, the app games “Pokémon GO” and “Pokémon Masters”, etc. …… Today’s “Pokémon” depends on the player’s way of interacting with them. Because of its wider appeal, the fan base has expanded to include people of all ages, genders, and whether or not they own hardware.

 Pokémon” is a game where the real fun lies in taking your favourite “Pokémon” as your partner and progressing through the story. As the years have gone by, more and more Pokémon have appeared and more ways to play them have been introduced, allowing us to reflect our own tastes more and more. This is a “unique” evolution of “Pokémon”.

pokemon emerald

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