What is the anniversary of the end of the war? (August 15) – The meaning of the event, its origin, and how to spend it.

15th August in Japan

End of War Day (August 15)

August 15 is called End of War Day, the day on which the country of Japan promised not to go to war.

What is war?

Until August 15, 1945, Japan had fought in fights with other countries.
This is called “war.

On August 6, 1945, a big bomb called an atomic bomb was dropped on a place called Hiroshima Prefecture in Japan, and on August 9, the same bomb was dropped on a place called Nagasaki.
As a result, many people died, were injured, were separated from their families and friends, had their houses burned down, and lost their food, which was very painful and sad.

That is why on August 15, we made a promise to end the war by saying, “From now on, there will never be another war.

How do we spend it?

How will you spend August 15, the anniversary of the end of the war…?

Let’s learn about “war”.

There are countries at war at this very moment, and through the news, we hear the exciting words “nuclear weapons” and “missiles.

That is why we are still learning about “war” and wondering what “peace” is and what “life” means. It is important to think about what “life” means.

15th August in Japan

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