Two Tamagotchi brands and “ONE PIECE” collaboration products are now available!

one piece ×tamagotchi

”ONE PIECE” is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its serialization, and “Tamagotchi” is celebrating its 25th anniversary since its launch.

Collaboration products will be released from two brands: the latest wearable “Tamagotchi Smart” series, which is popular among children and adults alike, and the “Tamagotchi nano” series, which is affordable and popular as a collectible item. Please look forward to further details!

Tamagotchi Smart One Piece Special Set

Tamagotchi Smart is the latest Tamagotchi product based on the concept of a “smart Tamagotchi.”
With Tamagotchi Smart One Piece Special Set, you can raise a Tamagotchi that looks like the Straw Hat gang. In addition, by using items unique to “ONE PIECE,” familiar characters such as Luffy and Chopper can come to play with your Tamagotchi, and you can even redecorate your room to look like the “Thousand Sunny.


In this collaborative product with “Tamagotchi nano,” Chopper can be raised.
Depending on how you raise them, you can enjoy various forms of Chopper, such as “heavy points,” “kung fu points,” and a special form of Chopper wearing a straw hat. The two body designs selected as the top two by fan voting are scheduled to be commercialized. (translated by me)


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one piece ×tamagotchi

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