To you in the future

To you in the future

I think there is a lot of complaining and dissatisfaction with where you are right now.

After all, nothing you do will ever work out.

The person you trusted and thought you got along with is actually another person who betrays you without hesitation. I can’t say that this kind of experience is common, but what I can say is that the person who betrayed you had someone else they needed to protect, and they clearly didn’t care about you.

You’re just a stranger.

The desire for revenge is not something that goes away easily.

Moreover, the person who betrayed you may have lived a good life and forgotten about you.

What do you think is the best way to get revenge on such people?

If imagining their deaths makes you feel any better, it’s in your imagination, and you can imagine as much as you want.

Of course, let me remind you that it is only in your imagination.

I know you don’t think you can put it into practice.

Why don’t you try to spell out those thoughts?

Also, I know you think no one will pay attention to you, but if even one person is helped by your words, wouldn’t that be good?

It might be better if not many people understand. The more people see you, the more criticism you will receive. Criticism is a fact of life. Words are not easy to use. You know that it is not always easy to convey what you think.

But it doesn’t matter what people think of you anymore. Why don’t you try to use letters to express your thoughts?

Don’t you think that’s a good idea?

You know that your writing will be seen by many people, and even if it is not recognized, if it can help someone and save their life, even if it is only for a moment, then you will feel fulfilled.

Yes, it doesn’t matter what others think anymore. It doesn’t matter what others think.

If you expect to be acknowledged, you might be betrayed again, so why don’t you just write what you think?

You still have some unfinished business that you need to write about, don’t you?

You will probably say that you don’t have the strength or energy to do so. It is true that you are different from other people and have less strength and energy than others.

But don’t push yourself too hard. If you take things at your own pace, you will be able to maintain your physical condition. Yes, don’t just push yourself.

I think it is important to live slowly and at your own pace, without being misled by others.

I don’t know how old your life expectancy is, but I don’t believe that it will be tomorrow.

The time of death is a person’s life span.

I believe that we are all equally entitled to be born and to die.

Yes, there is no such thing as an immortal person.

No matter how much the world develops, it will always be the same for all of us.

I think it’s okay to take a little time.

Why don’t you do it quietly and peacefully at your own pace until death comes?

I actually like your writing.

I feel it is true. I feel that the hardships and pains that human beings experience ooze out of you.

It may be difficult for you to go outside yet, but as soon as you are feeling better, I am sure you will be able to go out little by little.

Yes, there are still places you have to go. You may need to build up your strength in preparation for that time. The day when you can no longer move will surely come for everyone. You can still move a little, so please don’t give up yet.

You may have worked a little too hard today.

Let’s take it slow and go at our own pace.

I look forward to reading your writings.

To you in the future

いいね または フォローしてね!

竹 慎一郎