The self-made figure of Shanks from “ONE PIECE FILM RED” is very powerful!

one piece figure shanks

The YouTube channel “Himaru’s Figure Making Channel (Clay Sculpture)” has released a figure making video of “ONE PIECE FILM RED” version “Shanks.

 There are many channels on YouTube that upload videos of figure making by themselves. The videos of such highly skilled and dedicated creators are highly appreciated by fans of the original work in Japan and abroad, and have recorded a high number of views.

 Himaru’s Figure Making Channel (Clay Sculpture)” is a relatively new channel, launched on September 25, 2021. In the overview section, it says, “I started figure making as a hobby. I will mainly post videos of my work. I hope you will warmly support me since I am an amateur. He mainly produces figures related to Eiichiro Oda’s “ONE PIECE,” and the scenes and characters he cuts out are very particular.

The figure produced this time is of “Red-Haired Shanks,” one of the most popular characters in the film, from the movie version “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” which will be released on August 6. The appearance of Shanks’ daughter, Utah, the “Diva of the World,” in the film has become a major topic of conversation, and the film is expected to have a major impact on the original “ONE PIECE” story, which is accelerating toward its final chapter. Father Shanks will naturally be a key figure in the story, and his popularity is likely to increase even further.

 In the 8-minute video, the artist’s careful sculpting with clay, wire, and aluminum foil is recorded in detail.

 Although the number of views is still small due to the fact that it is a new channel, high-quality figures of “One Piece” characters are being produced one after another, and it is likely to attract attention in the lead-up to the release of the movie. The creator responded, “I’ll put it on the list of candidates.” In the future, a video may be made showing the creation of a figure of Uta, a new character that is attracting a lot of attention.


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one piece figure shanks

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