The Mule, Clint Eastwood review, celebrating his birthday on May 30th.

The Mule review

If you let yourself be born, your life will surely come to an end.

We don’t know the reason why we were born, but of course we don’t know the age at which our life will end, unless we take care of it ourselves.

In Japan, pensions are paid from the age of 65, but it is also possible to receive them from the age of 60. 30% of the amount received from the age of 65 will be reduced, and from April 2024, the reduction rate will be 24%.

If you are able to work, you can work until age 65 and receive the full amount of your pension, but if you extend your pension further, the amount of your pension will increase. Those who are able to work can work until age 65 and receive the full amount of their pension.

In Japan today, it is said that the largest number of people receive their pensions from the age of 65. If you know the age at which you will die, you can decide the year at which you will receive your pension, but there is no denying the fact that you may die at 65 and not receive any pension at all.

I watched The Mule (March 8, 2019, screening). The film is directed, produced, and starred by, you guessed it, Clint Eastwood. Clint Eastwood was born on May 30, 1930, so he is 91 years old now. The Japanese title of this film, Hakobiya(a drug coutier), was translated as “The Mule”. It seems to be an American slang term.

He was 89 years old at the time, and after devoting himself to his work with no regard for his family, his house is mortgaged.

The job that comes to him is that of a drug courier. His job is just to carry things. This is the story of a 90-year-old man who was hired as a drug courier.

The story was apparently adapted from an actual case of a 90-year-old courier.

He receives a large amount of cash for every job he does.

He was able to see the end of his ex-wife.

He was able to gain the trust of the family he had lost.

For an old man with no criminal record and no speeding tickets, it was a great job to fool the police.

Clint Eastwood’s lines were delivered with humor, and he seemed to be full of energy for a 90-year-old.

Eventually, the time comes for him to be arrested, but he ends up regaining the trust of his family and admitting his own guilt.

I don’t think I will live to be 90, but I feel that if I am given a job at 90, whatever it is, I might do it.

Clint Eastwood’s birthday is coming up; he will be 91 on May 30. His new movie, Cry Macho, is also coming out soon.

The great star of the past is still alive and well.

Of course, he doesn’t seem to need a pension.

The Mule review

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