“SPY×FAMILY” will be made into a TV animation next year! Takuya Eguchi as Lloyd, produced by WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks

spy×family TV

Tatsuya Endo’s “SPY×FAMILY” will be adapted into a TV anime in 2022. In addition, cast information, staff information, teaser visual, and the first PV have been released.

“SPY x FAMILY’ which will be serialized in SHONEN JUMP + (SHUEISHA) from March 2019 is a spy comedy that a spy who is ordered to ‘make a family’ for a mission adopts a girl with super power Anya as his adopted daughter and an assassin woman Yoru as his wife, and struggles to balance family and mission.

The series has been published up to volume 7, and with the latest volume 8 to be released on November 4, the total number of copies sold in the series will exceed 12.5 million.

The main character, Lloyd Forger, is played by Takuya Eguchi. WIT STUDIO and CloverWorks will jointly produce the animation. The director is Kazuhiro Furuhashi of “Mobile Suit Gundam UC”, the character design is Kazuaki Shimada of “Yakusoku no Neverland”, and the music is by (K)NoW_NAME of “Dorohedoro”. Eguchi and director Furuhashi gave their comments.

The two teaser visuals released show Lloyd, Anya and Yoru drawn by Shimada.

spy×family TV

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