Sega’s new RPG “Shin Chronicle” has exceeded 150,000 pre-registrations. The reward is decided by Twitter vote.

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SEGA announced that the number of pre-registrations for “Shin Chronicle”, a new RPG for Android/iOS currently under development, has exceeded 150,000.

 With over 150,000 pre-registrations, players will receive up to 700 gold and 70 gems in-game, as well as either 15 “Souseki” (Weapon Strengthening Material) or 15 “Reiyo Chou (Small Butterfly)” (Spirit Strengthening Material) as in-game bonuses. This is the first time in the world that the game has been released. In addition, which reward will be given will be decided by players’ “choice” by Twitter vote.

 If the number of pre-registrations exceeds 200,000, 500 gold and 50 gems will be added to the rewards.

Reward List
Over 50,000 registrations (already achieved): ……300 Gold & 30 Gems
Over 100,000 registrations (already achieved): ……400 Gold & 40 Gems
More than 150,000 entries: …… 15 pieces of “Blue Stone” weapon enhancement material or 15 pieces of “Spirit Butterfly (Small)” spirit enhancement material
Over 200,000 entries……500 Gold & 50 Gems
More than 300,000……????or ????
Over 400,000……600 Gold & 60 Gems
Over 500,000……800 gems on the first day of release or 500 gems every day after release for 4 days

Looking forward to it!

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セガ新作RPG『シン・クロニクル』先行レビュー。絶望的な強さの敵、仲間の死――ダークファンタジーの王道を往く! – 電撃オンライン (

shin chronicle sega twitter

いいね または フォローしてね!

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