Reaction to the first release of footage from the Super Mario film “I’m looking forward to it! It’s like a game world.”

super mario film

On 7 April, new information about the animated film The Super Mario Brothers Movie (to be released on 28 April next year) based on the popular game Super Mario Bros. was announced. The world premiere trailer footage was released, unveiling Mario, Bowser and other characters with character voices.

 This was announced during the ‘Nintendo Direct: The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ programme on YouTube, which announced new information, and reported that animation production will be completed next week.

 The film is an animated film that Nintendo is co-producing with Illumination in the US, with Chris Pratt as the voice actor for Mario, Anja Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach and Charlie Day as Luigi.

 The voiced footage has now been released, with the internet saying “Mario is talking! I can’t wait for next year’s release!” I feel like I’ve entered the world of the game”, “I’m glad it’s a bit comical”, “I’m definitely going to see it!” I’m definitely going to see it!

■ Chris Meledandri, founder and president of Illumination commented.

‘We’re thrilled to finally be able to show you the first trailer video for The Super Mario Brothers Movie. Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi are two of the most loved and iconic characters in gaming. It’s a tremendous honour to have worked with Miyamoto-san over the years to bring this story to film in a way that is faithful to its roots.”

■Nintendo Representative Director and Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto commented.

‘What kind of film would you make of Super Mario Bros. We spent a long time working with Illumination’s Chris Meledandri on the preparation. This time we will show you a part of that footage. The story, of course, but also the characters, their emotional expressions and their various gestures, have created a Super Mario world that only a film could create. Enjoy the unique mushroom kingdom and characters on the big screen of the cinema, as well as the memories of Nintendo games scattered around the edges of the screen. We are very close to the release of the film and are currently polishing the final touches, just like a Nintendo game. It’s a film that can be enjoyed by all generations, so please come to the cinema and support Mario with everyone.”

super mario film

いいね または フォローしてね!

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