Queen Elizabeth dies; anthem and banknotes to be changed.

Queen Elizabeth died

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the design of British currency and the national anthem will change.

The profile of Queen Elizabeth on British banknotes and coins will be replaced by that of the new King Charles.

In addition, the national anthem of the United Kingdom, “God Save the Queen,” will be changed to “God Save the King” following the accession of King Charles III to the throne.

Meanwhile, the British music world has also sent messages of condolence.

Paul McCartney, who wrote the song “Her Majesty” when he was with The Beatles, posted on Twitter, “God bless Queen Elizabeth. Long live the King.

Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones wrote, “The Queen has been here ever since I can remember. I remember watching a collection of highlights of the Queen’s wedding on TV as a child. I remember her as a beautiful young lady and as a beloved “grandmother of the people.

Singer Elton John, who has often performed at royal commemorative concerts, commented, “The Queen has been a big part of my life from childhood to now, and she will be greatly missed.

That song by the Sex Pistols will be an unforgettable requiem.

Queen Elizabeth died

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